Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It’s Not You, It’s Me (Another old poem)

I really wish you wouldn't do this, it's not for the best
For me, a conversation like this is a test
I'm not who you think I am, I'm just like the rest
So before we get any closer, I must confess
I am likely to hurt you, don't ask me how
It would be good if we hooked up, just not right now
As I am, right now, I'm not good for you
If you knew all the facts, you'd know this to be true
I could be called a womanizer, maybe even a dog
So I ask that you forget you saw me, don't even call
I'd rather not scar you with this knife of lust, lies, and deceit
The blade is already rusty from these before you who came across this cheat
So again, I say, "...walk away," It's not that hard a feat
Hold your head up young miss, wipe your cheek
Here's the key to your heart and remember keep your legs closed
Most dudes won't do this, they'll let you take off your clothes
I really do like you, but don't keep open your nose
It's not you, it's me; adios, c'est la vie

Sincerely, Aaron

Monday, February 2, 2009

So I Do It Again

So we did it again,
I knew I really shouldn’t but it felt good so I did it again.
Only 13 but I’m exposed to the weakness of men
And I loved it.
This sin.
And I loved her.
This girl.
So we did it again,
Even though she flirted with grown men.
Convenient amnesia -
The voice of common sense drowned out by moans.
“Shhhh! Don’t fuck up my zone!”

So I did it again.
But I had a different friend
Every night.
To me, they all looked the same.
Some call it game. Don’t know names.
Only 16, still hurt from 13: I’ll never be the same.
Still feel pain, until I did it again.
This happens to great men?
Don’t question now, here she comes – “Hey, how you doin?”
I’m still numb, did I want love?

So I do it again,
I know I really shouldn’t but “Fuck it” so I do it again.
Now I’m 19,
Tried some girlfriends, mission failed.
I’m much too fragile. Gotta force every smile.
Culture won’t allow for chivalry, not from a geek like me.
Men say, “Do it while you young.” I’m not having any fun.
Was I even in love once with someone other than Lust?
Was this ever about Us?
I’m sorry Love. I can never trust.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sexy Autumn Leaves

I am poetry unrealized.
Maybe those words are a sly disguise
to make me sound awesome when you read,
so you will confuse me with the beauty of sexy autumn leaves
I observe when I soak the sun in with my melanin.

I am love lust and hate.
Vanity takes over so each woman that passes, I rate:
There's a seven, an eight, a nine but no ten.
That was my ex girlfriend: I'll never have one of those again
who inspired my soul and appreciated my mind.
But what can I say? We met at the wrong time.
I try to date but I’m not a bellhop.
My back will go out so for now I’ll stop
dealing with these going, insecure, possessive,
Jealous, dumb, BORING , lazy, crazy bitches.
The thoughts of my dick conflict with what I think I need
So now I’m a contradiction and I still gotta read for class.

I am a myriad of questions.
Is it the strongest will or the will of the strongest?
Is this lucky coincidence or are these blessings earned?
How do my earphones tangle every time I turn?
Why do niggas never learn?
Did Scott seriously just drink the last of my milk?
With suave mannerisms, I rise from the desk.
Gotta have my milk and cookies or I might stress.
Grab my wallet, phone and keys. Brush my teeth with Crest.
What’s-her-name might be outside. Don’t gotta look my best,
But I can’t risk bad breath even if I ain’t trying to hit it.
What? Let me be pessimistically optimistic.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monopoly: For The Love Of The Game

The roster:

Michael “Let’s Play By The Old Rules” Redus (0 wins)

Corey “I Know What I’m Doing” Flynn (N/A)

Bobby “Fuck This Game” Avant (0 wins)

Trevor ”-ing” Shipp (1 win)

Chris “Going For Broke” Weathers (3 wins)

Don “I gotta go. My girl calling me.” Drel (7 wins)

Charles “Chuck Luck” Brown (2 wins)

Scott “It Wouldn’t Have Made a Difference” Woodard (3 wins)

John “I Love Trading With Scott” Campbell (7 wins)

And myself, Aaron “I Told Ya’ll It’s Chi!” Lanton (19 wins)

If you were a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, you might have seen us in Clement basement on the weekend playing Monopoly. Not just one game. We averaged 3.58 games each weekend and normally found time to sprinkle in at least three more at some point during the weekdays. People be coming back from the club, and we down there engaged in heated discussions about how these three way trades should go. Monopoly is some real shit. Intense. Frustrating. Bonding.

Oh look, it's the Bobby edition!

After you have played five full games of Monopoly with someone, you have learned everything about that person you need to know. Five full games is enough to see someone fall from the top (even if from just ten minutes of luck) to the lowly bottom – Do they sell all their property and ruin the game for others just because they are losing? Will they continue to play and take their loss? If they run out of money, do they try to sneak an orange boy ($500 bill) out the bank? Do they purposely miscount the dice to avoid payment? You would be surprised how accurately these things reflect a person’s demeanor outside the game.

I do not recommend playing Monopoly with everyone. For example, DO NOT PLAY MONOPOLY WITH A ROMANTIC INTEREST! Why? Well, what if said “romantic interest” needs you to trade with them? Gloat at the table about your guaranteed win or lose coochie points? Don’t ruin the game for the rest. Also, do not play with quick talkers – the biggest cheaters and they think that every transaction is meant to keep them from winning cause they are new to the table. Plenty of other scenarios but just choose wisely who you actually play with. Monopoly can ruin good relationships.

I would feel remiss if I didn’t also mention the magic of the board. The Monopoly board feeds on the synergy of the players. Whatever the players feel as a collective whole happens on the board. Sounds crazy don’t it? You gotta be there. I mean why else would we have made up the word “trevoring” (user attains +30 agility and won’t die on any player even if they have no money), although I am the original user of “chi.” The magic sometimes gets out of hand. One weekend we had to burn the board. No, that’s not lingo for some real cool shit. We burned the board. It was that crucial. If someone request it, I will explain it some other day.

That's still so hard to look @.

Anyways, the best part of Monopoly is the community of the game. It’s not the winning I look forward to, although I was 12 wins ahead of everyone *cough*, but the excuse to kick it with my friends. Buying each other food, having the introspective and facetious conversations (LPPA, Little Penis People of America, hunting down the gifted is just among the topics), meeting new folks who were into the game, etc.

I’ll likely expound on this another day but it just made me chuckle thinking about it again. Look forward to whooping upon you all next year.


The Fall 2008 Champ

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sexy Syllabic Rendezous

Ight, so let me explain how I did this: I literally freestyled over an Outkast beat and wrote down whatever two lines I could remember each time. This took a hell of a long time and I'll likely never do it this way again; wow that was draining. At least it wore me out enough to make me sleepy. Surprinsingly, it flows incredibly well and if I weren't using dial up internet @ home, I would upload a video. Alas, it will have to wait.


Hajimemashite. How do you do?
Yeah. I speak Japanese and English too.
Great, I got your attention,
now here's a proposition that can't dismiss.
I know it's a risk being forward like this:
Your head to the side, got your cheek on ya fist,
You looking kinda pissed.
Whatever it is a guy, a grade, a phone, a bitch
Remember this: the moment is as fleeting
as love, as madness, as sanity
So you should never be this sad
Like lions in the sea and I ain't talking about seals.
Naw, but for real,
maybe it's the Drink talking,
"Let's get that creak out your neck.
Quick sex is suspect but you won't regret
Giving Lay-Z a chance."
Yes, I'm just trying to get your pants.
If things go right, we can have a second dance,
but do you want me when I'm real
or right after that chapter?
I'm no Will Smith but I'm a great actor.
I ain't here trying to hurt no feelings.
I just won't pick up, on Monopoly, chillin.
Wanna hang out? Lay-Z ain't willing,
But I stay winning, top hat make a killing.
Here's a chance card, "You should come with me."
Now let's go grab some barbeque and get busy!

Yep, I went there.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Race and Sports

Race is still an issue in America. I doubt anyone would argue much against that point. But how big an issue is it? HU-MOOOOOOOOOONG-OUS! I mean really, why else would the media continue to call a mulatto man the first “African-American” president? But, let’s digress from politics. I can make humor of that another day. For now I’ll focus on sports, the easiest way to show how racist the U.S. is.

One day, I was watching “Outside the Lines” this show on ESPN that discusses the injustices, inspirational stories, and politics through sports. During this segment they were talking about the declining number of black baseball players in the MLB. I had to just sit and get a laugh out of this one, so I heat up some Chips Ahoy, pour a glass of milk and figured I’d get a few laughs in before going to class. A black panelist at some point comments that black kids just were not interested in baseball: they like basketball, football and track… (I’m paraphrasing but that was the jist).

This made me think about high schools in Memphis: did they even have baseball in the Memphis City School system? Ok, I know they do but they really don’t really push it or nothing. You could always find highlights of local football and basketball games (occasionally track stuff) but that was it. Then I thought about it further: inner city high schools don’t have swim teams, cricket, racquetball, etc. Black teenagers don’t give a damn about it because they have never been exposed to it. Think I’m exaggerating? Look at the 2008 rosters for the United States Olympics teams: swim team is all white, track team is all black.

Look @ football: Name a white skill position player (wide receivers, cornerbacks, safeties, running backs). Taking you a while? You might be able to do it in NCAA Divison-1 football if you typed it into four search engines, but they don’t exist in the NFL, period (Jason Seahorn is retired sadly).

You know what’s really messed up? I didn’t even get to mention Asians, Native Americans or Hispanics (and they take up more of the population than black people now) cause they don’t play sports, apparently...

How are you sitting?

Right now, how are you sitting?
Are your feet on the ground?
When you speak to people, does your voice make a sound?
Do you know if someone's behind you
or do you have to turn around?

Is there plaque of your teeth?
How many hours did you sleep?
What did you read five lines ago?
You sure you aren't lying before you start?
Are your hands numb from the cold, just like you heart?